Before and After

Let's face it, everyone loves a good Before and After. Whether it's a haircut, a fashion choice, or a home remodel – it’s inspiring to see a lackluster subject transformed into something fabulous!

In my profession, I have opportunities to witness and facilitate transformation every day. In fact, it's one of the favorite aspects of my job. I see it so frequently that I can picture 'after' in my mind's eye long before it happens. This vision helps guide the detailed decisions along the path to the end goal.

Because it comes easily for me, I sometimes forget that not everyone can imagine these possibilities or even knows that they are achievable. For that reason I thought it would be fun to share some Before and After shots from past projects with you. In each case note the improved space, light, and functionality. Some were additions and re-orientations – others simply a removed wall and updated surfaces. Looking back reminds me that it was a rewarding journey. Check out a few examples below:


The kitchen above was separated from the living and dining areas by an L-shaped wall, limiting natural light and constricting the traffic flow. Removing the wall (which had a load-bearing component, hence the remaining column) allowed for better light, easier entertaining, and over-all improved functionality. ('After' photo by An Indoor Lady)


The clients in the above kitchen entertain often. They needed larger serving areas and pathways as well as higher capacity amenities. By absorbing square footage from the yard, we were able to add a second island, an additional dishwasher, a prep area and beverage center, and widened access into and through the kitchen. ('After' photo by Casey Dunn)


The kitchen above was cramped and poorly located, with little opportunity for light or space. By opening an exterior wall at the back of the house and expanding into the yard, we carved out square footage for a grand kitchen addition with tall ceilings and improved storage and amenities. ('After' photo by Fine Focus Photography)


This last one is fun because it is small and recent and just so dang cute! I love this sassy little bathroom remodel. The main objective was to update surfaces, but we also enlarged the shower, maximized storage, and improved lighting and general functionality.

Has there been something about your space that bothers you, or you just feel the need for a refresh? Hopefully these photos will inspire you.  Imagine the possibilities for your home!